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  • Mar 10, 2017

Promotional Products Have Power

Choose the Right Product for Your Target Audience!

Lori Garland – New ADventure Design & Marketing


EXAMPLE:  Non-profit group gets an 18% response on contribution mailing.  Same group, same mailing and they add Personalized address labels and the response rate jumps to 35%.  The cost of the labels is a few cents and they almost double their return. 


Before purchasing a giveaway:

1)    Know your Target Market

2)    Know your Budget

3)    Understand the Purpose of Your Marketing Campaign

4)    Ask Around for a Vendor Whom You can Trust and Build a Relationship

5)    Decide on a time for the giveaway:  tradeshow, event, time of year……..


Suggestions on Giveaways:

·       You want your giveaway to be something that will be used where your target audience does the decision making about your product/service.

·       Differentiate Yourself from your  competition and use your give away to do just that.

·       Always consider golf related items – a lot of business is done on the golf course.

·       PERSONALIZE IT!  - A lot of items can have your logo and also have the individuals name added to it.  People like and keep things with their names on it.

·       Give something with a shelf life.  Hard Candy, Water Bottles are open, used and tossed.  Use items that are useful to your target market for a while.

·       Consider American Made and Eco-Friendly or Research current trends (or consult your marketing expert) for your target market.


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